My favorite thing to do each morning, as I drink my first cup of coffee, is to surf through You Tube and see what positive topic jumps out at me. Today it was a video called Journaling As A Tool To Become A Millionaire. My friend Bekka successfully uses journaling as a tool for spiritual growth so this got my attention. Plus, I’d love to make a million dollars, so I started watching the video.

Funny thing, the journaling process Patrick Grove talked about is a similar process I’ve seen used by positive psychologist, self-help gurus, and iconic spiritual people. I’m thinking there must be something to this.

Here’s the gist of the journaling process the video talked about:


Either in a notebook or on your computer, write down everything you don’t like in your life. Write whatever wants to flow out and do not censor yourself.  This releases negativity and clears a space for positive thoughts and energy.

What Do You Want

Now write about you want in your life. A bigger home, satisfying work, more loving relationships, more money…whatever you’ve been yearning for. Envision what you want to get out of your life. In the case of Patrick Grove on the You Tube video, he wanted to make $100,000,000 in 12 months. And he did.

Think Big

Move out of your comfort zone and into your stretch zone. Think big. Then think even bigger. Make it fun to imagine the possibilities. Don’t get practical. Remember, every single man-made thing in our world began with a thought. If you can imagine it, it’s possible. Patrick Grove pushed himself on purpose with the 12 month deadline.

Change Why to How

Consciously change your self-talk from why to how. Why focuses on the past which you cannot change. How focuses on the present and future where clarity and inspired action live. I’ve seen a couple of Ted Talks and other motivational videos where the simple act of asking how opens up results in a powerful way.


Make a date in your calendar to journal on the question you’re trying to solve. Repeat journal sessions until you feel you’ve achieved clarity and feel inspired to act. Patrick Grove journaled 4 or 5 sessions and from that, came the clarity of how to accomplish earning $100,000,000 in 12 months.

The path to creating the life you want seems to start with focus, which leads to clarity, which leads to inspired action. Personal experience has taught me the bigger the dream, the bigger the results. And the most powerful tool of all seems to be to have FUN with the process.

I’m excited to try this exercise. Join me, let’s create our happiest lives yet!