I recently had dinner with an amazing woman I have always liked and admired. She and I have moved in and out of each other’s lives for over 30 years. As we were catching up, she told me about struggling to make a decision on a job offer. I immediately flashed on a technique I had used to gain clarity when making a big life altering decision.

The Essence of the Technique

Get quiet, close your eyes and practice deep breathing until you feel relaxed. Then ask yourself, for my highest good and the highest good of all, do I ……. or …….?

Here’s an example of the process with dramatic results:

The Question

Should I sell my home?

Several years ago I was struggling about selling my cottage. When I asked myself if I should sell, I just received a muddled message. No clarity whatsoever.

The Answer

When I changed how I was asking the question, I received instant clarity. Instead of asking, “Should I sell my cottage yes or no?” I asked, “For my highest good and the highest good of all, do I sell or keep my home?” Sell.

My process entailed seeing the words yes or no. When I was receiving the muddled response, yes and no were about the same size. When I changed the question to address the good of all, the yes became BIG and moved very close to me, while the no became small and moved farther away.

The Results

I got up from laying down, went to the phone and called the couple who were going to rent my cottage for a month to let them know I was selling and wouldn’t be able to rent to them. They ended up buying the cottage for cash and let me stay there for a month free of charge to get everything packed up. That simple, that easy.

Turns out the man had kidney disease and only a few years to live. His greatest wish was to live on a lake for the summer. He ended up having four great summers at the cottage.

I ended up having enough money to pay off most of my debts. I moved to Seattle where six months later, I underwent emergency surgery for cancer in one of the best hospitals, with one of the best surgeons. It literally saved my life. A year later, I was once again living at the lake, only this time in a waterfront cabin instead of a cottage on a secondary lot.

That one decision ended up greatly impacting both of our lives and being a win-win for both of us.

The key for me, is to remember that everything is connected. Think of it this way… you have a driver’s view of life. You are following the road signs as you drive the highways of your life but you can only physically see so far ahead. Your soul has the bird’s-eye view. It sees not only your path, but the path of everyone else and how it all works together.