A couple of weeks into my new dedicated journey to self-worth and happiness, I came across an Abraham-Hicks video on You Tube. In it, Abraham said if we could just understand how truly worthy each of us are and that we live in a world based on well-being, our life experience would be filled with ease and happiness.

That got my attention. Big time. I played the video over and over and wrote the affirmation down so I could say it to myself throughout the day.

Here is what I wrote down:

Get powerful in my intentions and say…

“I am a very worthy person and it’s time I start proving that to myself. I live in a universe that has a base of well-being, and it’s time I start proving that to myself.”

Here is what I actually said to myself:

“I am a very worthy person and right here and right now I prove it to myself. I live in a universe that operates on a basis of well-being and right here and right now, I prove that to myself.

I felt compelled to add another line on my own, “I’ve personally experienced the magic of the universe and right here and right now, I allow it into my life.”

And then the magic happened.

I was laying on my bed, saying these affirmations when I had a snippet of a vision. It was like watching a movie with the edges around the frame kind of faded. I saw a man driving a motor home and I was sitting up front next to him. We were holding hands and I was so happy. Then, that faded and I saw my red wallet filled with five $100 bills.

At the time, I had not had a romantic relationship in a couple of years and I was very tight on money. So, these snippets represented what I needed and really, really wanted.

Shortly thereafter, I went to out of town to visit family for a week, and when I got home in the mailbox was an unexpected check for $500. How magical is that! From vision to reality, it only took a week. The blog photo is a picture I took of my red wallet filled with the five $100 bills.

Unfortunately, the man in the motor home hasn’t showed up yet. I do have a theory on why it hasn’t happened. I think I wasn’t ready to allow it to happen. Ah, that worthiness issue.

The most important part of this story to me, is how powerful these affirmations are. They really helped move me forward into feeling happier, more hopeful and more worthy.

I invite you to personalize these affirmations and give them a try. I hope they are as helpful to you as they were to me.